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With his third CD of tango music entitled "UN FINLANDES EN BUENOS AIRES" (A Finn in Buenos Aires, Sonorte Art 2011), which he recorded with the renowned Finnish ensemble TANGO SONORTE, this battle of the two tangos finally comes to an end. With this harmonious, almost chamber music-like bridge forged between the most beautiful Argentine and Finnish tango classics peace is concluded between the two rivals Argentina and Finland, here even with the title song presented in free English:

(Original spanish text  by Harri Kaitila, english by Henna Rasilainen, composed by Mikko Helenius)

A Finn in Buenos Aires
is like a snowman in hot weather.
in the dizzy whirl of  a passionate tango,
he melts in his longing for love.

         When senioritas with their supple hips
         just once look at him,
         in the smell of sweet perfumes,
         the dreams arise once again,

         and iron rushes running to the magnet.

Like a cosmopolite
a Finnish "tanguero" talks.
Women as his only food
he is already liquid dynamite.

           The passionate, fiery eyes
           look hard at women, and that is not all:
           The hot Latin rhythms
           bring about an arctic stiffness in him!

His steps are clumsy and unsteady now,
they were allmost his ruin.
At the bar, with the strenght from many drinks,
he is waiting for a miracle
that could still make him win.
           So the poor man ran out of luck with ladies,
           a man who just wanted to have some fun.
           The Finn has to return to the North Pole
           - because of conflicting climates.

                                                                                                                                                          (Tango Sonorte)

1992 Phantom of the Opera (duet with Sirkku Wahlroos, Sopran / Music of the Night (Ensio music, Turku)
2000 Schicksalstango - Finnisher Tango auf Deutsch [Fateful Tango / Finnish Tango in German] (Able Music, Berlin)
2002 Tango Classica (Messbecher Records, Berlin)
2011 Un finlandés en Buenos Aires (Sonorte Art, Helsinki)


Harri Kaitila - the Tango Tenor - 2014