Finnish Tenor Harri Kaitila, who trained in Vienna, has sung about 30 operatic and operetta roles on stage. He also appears as a Lieder and oratorio singer. For a number of years, he has focused his interest on concert performances of tango songs, a genre in which his expressive lyrical tenor voice perfectly lends itself to the elegance of the tango.  With his concert programme entitled The War of the Two Tangos - Finnish vs Argentine he has appeared at many major festivals in Finland and Germany, including the Schleswig-Holstein-Musikfestival, Encounters at Chemnitz and the Tango Festival at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall.


 "It´s a tie!" was the audience´s unofficial verdict given after that "martial" night in Berlin, as the Tango-Tenor managed to hold the fort  - against e i g h t  Argentineans! Well, that´s hardly surprising as the Finnish tango melodies are no less beautiful than the Argentine songs; and what´s more, they are profoundly melancholic and utterly romantic! And since a good-natured confrontation of cultures has always been the breeding ground for his tango programmes, he has coined the motto: It was the Finns that brought the tango to ARKentina in their ARKS - well BEFORE Columbus!"

Harri Kaitila - the Tango Tenor - 2014