Press Review

The War of the Two Tangos - Finnish vs Argentine
"The magic of this evening was conjured up by both the performance given by tenor Harri Kaitila and the interpretation presented by the excellent orchestra. Harri Kaitila presents his voice with immaculate intonation and he interprets his songs with a richness of nuances and conviction. There is such sensitivity and pleasantness about Harri Kaitila´s Old School-trained tenor voice that one wishes to keep listening for days on end - even without food or drink!"
(Ilkka Newspaper/Concert at Seinäjoki Municipal Theatre 02/2009 with Mikko Helenius - Bandoneon, Mauri Saarikoski - violin and Marko Puro - piano)

Tango with Plenty of Feeling and Lyricism
"Last Sundays Cultural Breakfast at the Emsdetten Lichthof, the flagship in the vast offering of high culture presented at the Stroetmann factory, was an exceptional concert, indeed. The great Gardel´s compositions were interpreted with an adequacy that is rare and hard to find nowadays. None of those macho mannerisms which are sometimes displayed by other ensembles; instead, you were presented with boundless passion and depth of emotion, complemented with adequate pathos. They celebrate their songs with melancholic power and perceivable sadness."
(Concert at the Lichthof, Emsdetten, 2007, with pianist Javier Tucat Moreno)

Finnish Tango Concert at Midsummer Festival

"Finnish Tango: these words arouse your curiosity. Is there such a thing at all? Yes, there is!
It turned out to be an encounter of a special kind" ... Tenor Harri Kaitila pleased the audience right from the start. The tango demands emotion, a dash of fervour, loosely topped with tender mellifluousness ... Harri Kaitila´s bright  tenor voice is of great beauty and clarity, he gently sways to the rhythm and gives emphasis to each line with subtle gestures."
 (Arnbruck Festival /Bavaria, 2000, with the accordion player Markku Lindeman)


Harri Kaitila - the Tango Tenor - 2014